Regional Hub Project Details

Project Description - Serving as a statewide mediary, the Indiana STEM Ecosystem will facilitate the development and launch of regionally-based STEM ecosystem hubs across the state of Indiana. These localized ecosystems will work cohesively towards aligning regional STEM goals and priorities with the broader STEM objectives of the state of Indiana, resulting in powerful collective impact. 

Project Objective - To develop a statewide collaborative network through regionally based STEM ecosystems, that will collaboratively work to provide support, resources, guidance and opportunities that will increase access to high quality STEM learning, academic outcomes, post secondary attainment, career attainment & economic mobility within the STEM field. 

Through this unified approach, the regional ecosystem hubs and the Indiana STEM Ecosystem will provide ongoing support for STEM ecosystem members, resources and professional development, & state-level coordination of STEM initiatives. 

Short Term Project Goals: 

● Launch regionally based STEM ecosystems across Indiana, with the support of a lead agency and individual champion to serve as the lead for regional project oversight and support. 

● Establish an Advisory Board for the Indiana STEM Ecosystem to provide input into the regional STEM ecosystem hub development project & guide the Indiana STEM Ecosystem’s mission, vision, objectives, goals, metrics & overall current and future work. 

● Establish regional STEM ecosystem Advisory Boards for each established regional ecosystem to development and support a regional mission, vision, objectives, goals, metrics & work groups 

● Develop an implementation, growth & sustainability plan

Long Term Project Goals: 

● Develop a collaborative network of regionally based STEM ecosystems across Indiana with cross stakeholder engagement 

● Expand the reach of the network by increasing the membership across K-12, post secondary, business/industry, community, and other youth serving organizations within each region 

● Engage with other STEM ecosystems across the nation & world through the International STEM Learning Ecosystems Community of Practice (SLECoP) 

● Develop a collaborative and interactive STEM network map that will demonstrate partnerships & opportunities, while assisting in connecting STEM partners and members across the state 

● Collaborate on large federal, state, and private grant opportunities in partnership with the Indiana STEM Ecosystem, regional Indiana STEM ecosystems, and other partners 

● Expand awareness, reach and opportunities by engaging as a partner in a STEM ecosphere